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Public Information & Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC)

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PI/CPC stands for:
Public Information & Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC).  This is a single committee comprised of two of A.A.’s General Service committees – the Public Information Committee (PI) and Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee (CPC).  In Volusia County Florida, these two committees work together as one to carry the message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic through outreach to non-alcoholics in the general public and to professionals as well as to students at professional schools.

What PI/CPC does:
Members of the PI/CPC Committee carry the A.A. message by conveying information to the media, the general public and the professional community.  We attempt to establish better communication between A.A., the media, the public, and professionals, and to find simple, effective ways of cooperating without affiliating.  Our competence to speak about alcoholism is limited to A.A.’s 12 Step recovery program.

Click on the links below to view materials provided by our local PI/CPC Committee as well as from the A.A. World Service Office:

Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C.)

Members of C.P.C. committees inform professionals and future professionals about A.A.— what we are, where we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do. They attempt to establish better communication between A.A.s and professionals, and to find simple, effective ways of cooperating without affiliating.
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Interested in an AA PI/CPC Presentation?

During the coronavirus pandemic, PI/CPC Committee Members are available to speak via Zoom (an online videotelephony platform), at schools, local businesses, parole/probation offices, DUI classes, health fairs, art festivals, churches, civic groups, community centers, medical centers, treatments facilities and anywhere the A.A. message can be useful.  We also distribute A.A. literature, point to our Volusia County Intergroup Website Meeting Guide  and to the A.A. main website, as well as the local A.A. website.

PI/CPC History:  

In 1956, the P.I. Committee of the A.A. General Service Board was formed, with a corresponding Conference P.I. Committee established in 1961. By action of the General Service Board, January 1970, the trustees’ Committee on Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C.) – a spin-off from the Public Information Committee – was developed.  A similar Conference committee was formed the following yea

How to reach the PI/CPC Committee:  

Call the Intergroup office: 386.756.2930

Invite us to speak to your group

Why not invite a member of the PI/CPC Committee to give a free presentation or to give a talk about A.A. before your public or professional group, or organization?

We are freely available to convey to those who want to know, what A.A. is, where A.A. can be found, what A.A. can do, and what A.A. cannot do to help the still suffering alcoholic.

We’re here to help

We have many A.A. pamphlets (available for free) as well as a large number of books and a magazine, (the Grapevine, our meeting in print) that contain valuable information for the still suffering alcoholic.

If English is not your native language, A.A. also offers its materials in a wide variety of languages.

For complete details on how you may purchase a A.A. literature, please click here.

For a subscription to one of our meetings in print, click on the following links:

If you are looking for a Volusia County Florida local A.A. meeting or would like to refer
someone with a drinking problem to A.A., then please visit or call:
Volusia County Intergroup – Phone 386.756.2930-1635 South Ridgewood Ave., Ste 107 | South Daytona, FL 32119
A.A. Meetings in Volusia County – link –https://www.aadaytona.org/meetings