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Meeting Change Request

Please fill out this form as thoroughly as possible before submitting. This will change or add the meeting on our website database. It could take up to a week for the cell phone apps to reflect any changes.

Enter the meeting name if this is a new meeting or the name of the meeting has changed.
Please use "Other" for special circumstances or requests. Be sure to include your request under "Special Instructions" in the "Other details" area below..
What day is your meeting on?
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The meeting address. If this is a Zoom meeting then a partial address is appropriate. i.e. Santa Cruz, CA or Watsonville, CA
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Online or Virtual Meeting Information

The full URL for your meeting provided by Zoom. This may include the encrypted Zoom password in the URL (PWD=) but is not necessary or you do not have a password. Providing the encrypted Zoom password in the email will allow one-click access to the meeting.

Other Details

Include meeting description or notes to attendees (i.e. In the back room or Chip meeting on 3rd Wednesday), if applicable. Can be used for special instructions to the meeting change team.
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Requester Information

Please include your name and affiliation or service position. We require at least one method to make contact if we discover an issue with this request. This information is not made public and only used internally if questions arise.
Are you a member, service representative, meeting secretary?
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