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AA Birthday Anniversary coin

Your AA Birthday Anniversary

*  Submissions are for Area 14 sober anniversaries only. They have to be in by the 15th of the previous month to have them in the next months High ‘n Dry Newsletter

First Name & Last InitialGroup NameAnniversaryYears
Jodie S.Early Ducks06/30/200915
Nancy O.Lifesavers06/11/200618
Jack S.Lifesavers06/15/20231
Doug P.Lifesavers06/11/199331
Barb L.Lifesavers06/09/200618
Shelby F.Women's06/12/20222
Shelby F.Women's Book Study06/12/20222
Mike FEarly Ducks05/08/20222
Mark WEarly Ducks05/27/198242
Josh CEarly Ducks05/30/20231
Chris WEarly Ducks05/01/198044
Sandra MEarly Ducks05/29/199331
Cindy DEarly Ducks05/04/199232
Richard H.Lifesavers05/29/20177
Jerry K.Lifesavers05/13/198143
Bob P.Sunrise Groupo HH05/15/20231
Brittani P.Sunrise Groupo HH05/06/20204
Tanya R.Sunrise Group HH05/25/199133
Jeaneen W.Women's Book Study05/26/200717
Jule E.Women's Book Study05/04/199331
Tom D.Lifesavers04/22/197549
Dustin M.Lifesavers04/12/200618
Sabarina B.Sunrise Groupo HH04/04/20231
Brian S.Sunrise Group HH04/20/200519
Bruce O.Sunrise Group HH04/01/199133
Gina LEarly Ducks04/09/20222
Bonnie ZEarly Ducks04/23/201014
Bob RYoung at Heart04/14/199133
Eileen MWomen's Book Study Group04/14/200420
Donna S.Women's Book Study Group04/14/20159