What Does A Twelve Stepper Do ?

Twelve Steppers are AA group members who have completed the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and are interested in doing some very gratifying service work.

While many calls answered by the phone army need meeting info or general AA info, occasionally we get a caller who really needs to speak with an AA member about their problems with alcohol. Since we need to keep the phone army lines open, the volunteer then asks if he/she would like someone to call them back. If the answer is yes, this is where the 12 stepper is needed. The phone army volunteer starts calling the numbers on the 12 step list in the city the caller lives in.

The 12 step volunteer is the volunteer who is able and willing to speak with the callers at greater length. 12 steppers can do any or all of the following things that they choose:

1. Make a phone call to the person.
2. Give the person a ride to a meeting.
3. Make a home or hospital visit.
4. Give a ride to detox.

The 12 stepper chooses whichever hours and days best fit their schedule. No amount of time volunteered is ever too small. We are always looking for 12 steppers to do this gratifying service work. The phone army volunteer will go down the 12 step list until they find someone who can help. If you're not called, don't worry. You are still on the list until you say you aren't. I will be calling 12 steppers every 3 months to make sure you are still willing to serve and to make sure your info has not changed.

I am responsible...

When anyone, anywhere,

Reaches out for help, I want

The hand of A.A. always to be there

And for that: I am responsible